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10 golden SUP rules 

1. Inform on site Before going on the water ask whether the river or lake has particular dangers (e.g. reservoir dams, currents) bans (e.g. navigation) or protection zones (e.g. spawning ground, breeding places). Like this you will be on the safe side. 

2. Moody weather Sun can quickly become rain and suddenly arising strong wind (storm!) can be an insurmountable obstacle for getting back to shore. Thus, inform about weather and wind forecast or storm warnings in order to experience a perfect SUP day. In case of doubt, remain on shore and avoid danger to you and your potential savior. 

3. Your own safety Assess your capacities correctly before you get going. According to the weather, make sure your clothing or wetsuit keeps you warm enough and don’t forget the necessary equipment‚e.g. helmet and life jacket). 

4. You are not the only one It doesn’t matter where you go paddling, take a look at other watersport persons, boats and water vessels. Keep sufficient distance and change your course in case of doubt. If applicable, inform about driving bans and navigation rules on shipping lanes. 

5. Flora & fauna  All these different plants and animals make your SUP tour unforgettable. Respect and conserve this nature. Like this you will help protect this unique environment for the following generations.

6. Be careful, muddy & shallow You should avoid muddy or shallow areas close to shore. Removal, disturbance and your walking in these areas will destroy the habitat for flora and fauna. Use the existing areas for getting going and coming back as well as landing stages.

 7. Clear water should remain clear Try to avoid waste and dispose of it in the appropriate containers on site or at your home. Do not hesitate to take garbage that floats on the water or near the shore!

8. Enjoy the silence What is it that makes SUP unique? The silent gliding on the water. Enjoy the moment of silence. All living creatures, from fish to human being, will be grateful for that.

9. „Take only pictures, leave only fingerprints“ in other words, let the nature untouched.

10. Be an example Be a real SUP professional and take these rules serious. Communicate and explain when people do not respect your SUP spot.