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Level 2 Wingboarding Instructor Training


You successfully passed the Level 1 Wingboarding Instructor exams and now look forward to take your Instructor career to the next level? Level 2 Instructors are able to teach fully independently in any VDWS Center around the globe. You will be able to issue VDWS Basic Certificate Licences under your name. 

In order to guarantee the very high standard of the VDWS Education System, Level 2 Instructors will have to participate in a 100 hour internship in one of our especially educated Internship Centers. During those 100 hours very experienced instructors will work with you and share their knowledge in order to make you better. 

Before the internship:

  • VDWS Level 1 Wingboarding Instructor Licence
  • Proper registration of the upcoming internship in the VDWS office
  • The internship can only be done in a VDWS watersports center which is entitled to host internships.

For the license qualification:

  • Pass all level 1 exams, including the theory exam. If one of the exams has not been passed on the first attempt, it must be repeated and passed with a VDWS Examiner.
  • Complete the internship successfully, including the final exam of teaching with the responsible internship supervisor.
  • Submit all the documents needed, such as first aid, rescue.

The internship should focus on teaching experience and teaching activities. These are to be done under the supervision of the internship instructor. The complexity of a job as a watersports instructor should be experienced. For this purpose, the trainee completes the VDWS internship booklet.


  • 21 days (3 weeks) with a duration of at least 100 hours
  • it is supposed to be done during one season, most likely without any breaks.


at an internship authorised VDWS school (see button below)


  • Analysing lessons and their specifics regarding the training area, environment, local conditions, wind conditions, climate, waters, area characteristics/shore conditions, equipment and facilities of the school during the observation.
  • Planning, carrying out and reflecting on own teaching experiments and their characteristics (see above) in consultation with the teacher.
  • Taking on other tasks e.g., office work, repairs,
  • Rescue activities, rental activities,
  • Looking after guests at events organised by the internship school (travel event, test week)
  • Handling with the VDWS licence system (exam preparation, evaluation of the basic licence exams as well as the issuing of licences and their registration in the VDWS checkpoint).
  • First aid - at least 8 hours or 9 teaching units of seminar and not less valid then 2 years
  • DLRG lifeguard bronze or participation in the VDWS rescue seminar 
  • Maintaining the VDWS internship booklet (including daily protocols, schedules, assessments, feedback forms etc.)

Important - which school to pick for your internship

As an intern the choice of your internship Center is your responsibility. We recommend contacting the school and the responsible supervisor as early as possible. Further agreements regarding working hours, salery etc. should be part of the contract between the School and the intern. 

For achieving additional Instructor Level 2 licences for other schools, no additional internship is required. If a minimum of 6 month of professional experience can be proven. 

For Watersport Assistants who aim to do their internship in the same Center as their prior education, the duration of the internship can be reduced by 50% (50 hours). In any other Center the duration of the internship will be reduced by 20% (80 hours).

A strong partner worldwide

There are more then 540 watersportcenters in more then 35 countrys in the world. The VDWS consists of more then 4500 members, watersports instructors, school owners and center managers. Since the foundation in 1974 we were able to spread the fascination in windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and Stand up Paddling to more then 3 million watersports beginners!


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