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VDWS International

VDWS Academy - initial registration and course activation

Use the VDWS Academy’s digital course offerings in three simple steps. The instructions are for new customers who do not yet have user access. People with user access can use the insider login directly and navigate to the VDWS Academy from there.

1. Create a user account

Create a user account using the registration form.

Create a new user-profile
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2. Log in to with your user account

After registering, use the mask on the left or the insider login in the navigation with your new user data. Then navigate to the VDWS Academy in the insider area.

3. Redeem Academy Codes to unlock courses

After you have logged in, use the “Add course” button in the VDWS Academy dashboard to open the code entry window. Enter the Academy Code that you received from your water sports center, your water sports school or the VDWS to activate courses for your user account.

Attention: Academy Codes are not transferable to other users and can only be redeemed once!