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SUP Instructor Level 3

Level 3 SUP Instructor Courses are the right choice for all of our Level 2 Instructors who like to take their teaching and own SUP skills to a higher level. During those courses, we focus on the technique of intermediate and advanced SUP manouvers and how to teach them professionally. 

Level 3 Instructors are SUP experts with a very high own riding level and a deep understanding for complex movements. Their methodical skills and experience make them the true experts on the beach!


For the course:

  • VDW instructor license
  • VDWS membership
  • Advanced SUP skills
  • teaching experience

For the license qualification:

  • practical exam at the end of the Level 3 Instructor seminar

Please note:
Even if you don't have a sufficient level yet and haven't mastered the topic of the training (yet), you are still welcome to participate. Your participation will then be considered as a license extension (and not as a Level 3 completion!).

Duration:  2 days

Price:  200€ 

Extra costs: travel expenses, accommodation, equipent rental

Course contents

Depending on the seminar topic, the following topics are weighted differently.

  •  Improving one's own riding skills
  • Use of methods in advanced training
  • Use of digital media in training
  • Organisation in intermediate lessons or in special courses
  • Concrete training of individual manoeuvres or techniques
  • Improvement of own demonstration skills
  • Deepening of material knowledge and reference to ascender equipment
  • Deepening of the physical basics
  • Extending didactic knowledge for advanced training 

Each of the Level 3 Instructor Seminars concludes with a practical examination on the respective topic of the 2 days.

Topics Level 3 Seminars

SUP Basics

Course contents:
Paddling techniques wave / getting to know about white water / paddling out / paddling in / safety / equipment / gaining practical experience / organisational forms lessons / wave pictures, channel etc. / rules in the wave. 

Safe paddling out behind the waves, kick turn, confident paddling back.

Own riding skills:
Paddle into at least two waves in a defined area, ride down and finish the "wave ride".

SUP Basics
Course contents:
Getting to know the area / estimate and evaluate paddling techniques of other participants / Tour planning: organisation, safety, nature and environment, equipment / Carry out tours with different focuses / Follow-up. 

Safety: Adequately attaching a person's equipment to their own board and hauling it to a suitable exit point.

From the main current into the sweeping water and back again.

Basic knowledge of yoga, safe handling of sun salutations A and B.
Contact with fitness with own body weight

Course contents:
Experiencing SUP yoga and SUP fitness sessions / lesson planning / organisational forms / breathing / teacher behaviour / variations / safety.

Demonstration on land (sun salutations A and B) and instruction of a short SUP yoga or fitness session on the water.

No fear of paddling in deep water with a certain distance to the coast.
Step 5 of the SUP licence 

Course contents: 
Organisation, planning and implementation of a tour on site / instructor behaviour / marketing.

Organisation and paddling of a 9-14 km tour exclusively standing up with an efficient paddling technique. Meanwhile 200 m towing of a student.

No prior qualification is required for coaches and support staff from other associations and institutions (SUP basic techniques are assumed).

Course contents:
Change of perspective- getting to know wheelchairs and driving them yourself / images of disabilities / sensitisation for dealing with people in wheelchairs & with physical impairments / equipment & safety / wheelchair handling on land and on the water paddle adjustment & techniques / organisation of offers, fun and games on the water / possibilities of promoting social projects / special insurances.

Demonstration of adapted handling of participants (including wheelchair riders).
Questioning and demonstration of safety methods and materials.

Dates VDWS SUP Instructor Level 3

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Date: 06/29 - 06/30/2024

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