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VDWS Instructor Trainings

The qualified VDWS qualification system for future watersports instructors offers the opportunity to acquire and further develop an individual professional profile through a modular system. Through this, the VDWS instructor can acquire focus-oriented knowledge from different watersports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, SUP and Wing during the education.


The theoretical knowledge and practical skills are then taught in lessons to beginners and advanced students. The VDWS instructor qualification is complemented by various further educational opportunities.

With the brand new VDWS X-OVER COURSE offer in a sport of your choice, you can easily expand your license portfolio, prepare yourself for (almost) all wind conditions and become even more attractive for your water sports school. Your participation in an X-Over course is already possible with a VDWS Level 1 Instructor license - but with a Level 2 you are optimally prepared and directly "ready to go" with successful completion of your X-Over Course

You can find all further information under the respective sport:

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You can start your water sports career with the non-obligatory training level as WATERSPORT ASSISTANT already from the age of 16. The training is a specific preparation for the VDWS Level 1 seminar and can be completed at a VDWS school authorised for internships.

Or you are over 18 and start your watersports career directly with a VDWS LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR in your sport. The 8-day (kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, wing) or 4-day (SUP) VDWS LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR course can be obtained by passing the practical exam, the teaching exam with real students as well as the theoretical exam and you will receive your first licence.

For the VDWS LEVEL 2 INSTRUCTOR you should complete a 100-hour internship at a VDWS school authorised for internships in the course of the windsurfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing or wing training after the VDWS LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR. Together with the first aid certificate and a DLRG or VDWS Rescue licence you become a VDWS-Level 2 Instructor. With this licence you can issue VDWS basic licences and take exams in your name. Only 50 hours of practical training are required for the SUP training.

With your VDWS-Level 2 Instructor you now have many possibilities to continue your water sports career:

  • VDWS LEVEL 3 INSTRUCTOR: You want to learn and teach more in advanced training as well as new trends in your sport.
  • VDWS X-OVER COURSES: Expand your instructor license portfolio and get a second, third, fourth, etc. license in another water sport.
  • PRACTICE SUPERVISOR (Supervisor): You want to share your experience and actively participate in the development of Level 2 instructors.
  • SCHOOL MANAGEMENT (Centre Management): You want to open your own VDWS watersports school and start your own business? Then the management seminar is just right for you.

Validity: The licences are valid for 3 years and are renewed through one-day further training or new licences.

  • Skills of demonstration
  • Introduction into lessonplanning
  • Lesson organisation
  • Structure beginnercourse
  • Advanced lesson
  • Kids lesson
  • Chances and possibilities after the instructor seminar
  • Equipment
  • Weather


Welcome! You are open minded and you like to be with people? You love to be outside and one of your skills is flexibility? Then 2-8 weeks of becoming a watersport assistant would just be perfect for you. Spend your school holidays in one of our watersportcenters to get to know the watersports business better.

Windsurf   Kitesurf  Sail  SUP WING 

Level 1 Instructor

Waterspors are your passion, you are open minded and love working with other people? Becoming a Watersports Instructor might just be the right thing for you! Join one of our Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Wingboarding or SUP courses to turn your passion into a profession! 

Windsurf  Kitesurf  Segeln  SUP  WING

Level 2 Instructor

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your VDWS Level 1 Instructor training and now want to climb the next step on the career ladder? After passing all parts of the VDWS Level 1 Instructor exam and your internship, you are a Level 2 Instructor. You can now teach completely independently at our VDWS schools and issue basic licences to your students..

Windsurf  Kitesurf  Segeln  SUP  WING

Level 3 Instructor

Our 2-day VDWS Level 3 Instructor courses are addressed to all experienced VDWS Level 2 instructors who would like to expand their teaching spectrum through professional advanced training. Level 3 instructors are riding technique experts whose own riding skills and methodical abilities go far beyond the beginner level.

Windsurf  Kitesurf  Segeln  SUP  WING


You already have a VDWS license and would like to use your experience and motivation as a VDWS instructor in another sport? Then you can easily qualify for a second, third or fourth instructor license in another sport with our X-Over courses from 2024.

In short: X-Over courses enable VDWS instructors to continue their training and "broaden their horizons" by qualifying for additional VDWS licenses - at a lower price and less time-consuming.

Windsurf  Kitesurf  Segeln  SUP  Wing

Supervisor Internship

Experienced level 2 instructors who would like to pass on their extensive teaching experience to future VDWS instructors have the opportunity to acquire this additional qualification by registering at least 25 basic licences in the respective sport in their name at the VDWS Checkpoint.



Center management workshops thematizes and constructively discusses the planning, preperation and implementation of new VDWS Watersports Center. It will entitle you to register and to manage an independent VDWS Watersports Center.


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