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Welcome to the world of kitesurfing - an adventure with the elements of wind and water. Kitesurfing - this also includes lightness, weightlessness, action, sporting spirit and pure fun. You may just want a one-shot kitesurfing initiation, you may discover your future favourite hobby, you may want to enter the higher spheres of kiting, the VDWS-kiteschool definitively represents a professional companion.

You want to try?

No problem, different reasons actually explain the fast-paced development of kitesurfing: on one hand, the first steps are easy and, soon, you discover the boundlessness of this sport. On the other hand, many parallels to different other modern sports can be established: wake-, skate- and snowboarders as well as windsurfers, kite-buggiers and hang-gliders already dispose of many skills easily applicable to kitesurfing and so, learning this new sport is very easy to them. Nevertheless, kitesurfing is not only the perfect watersport for the wind- and wave-experienced, it also offers non-expected success and sensations to complete newcomers: the kite, constantly lifting you up a little, namely reduces the kiter's own weight.


To make sure you really learn the safe handling of a kite, your way should lead you to one of the worldwide existing VDWS-kitesurfingschools. (The complete list of all watersport-centers can be found on this site). Professionally educated trainers will dispense a well-founded introduction. You are sure of expert's advice and teaching in small, homogeneous groups. VDWS-schools dispose of adequate beginner's equipment, almost perfectly fitting your person and adapted to the respective weather-conditions. Of course, as well as other nature related sports, kitesurfing contains a certain risk. But we are able to reduce it by our wariness and consideration. Consequently, there are no limits any more to the fascination of kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing Basics

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The perfect assistant

A VDWS kitesurfing-workbook summarises descriptions of handling and manoeuvres, for beginners as well as advanced. This workbook is available at every VDWS kiteschool and represents not only an adequate complement to your training at a VDWS school, but contains tips for further manoeuvres and your personal kiting career as well. The basic licence, guiding you as a kind of signpost through your whole kiting existence should constitute the final point of your training. Every progress will be registered on the corresponding CARD.

Online checkpoint

New and comfortable, make an online-check of your current kitesurfing-level. Just try! Interested in a water-resistant plastic-card licence, insurance included? All you have to do is log in: check your level!

You want to be a VDWS-kiteboarding instructor, working as a teacher in a recognised watersport-center, earning your money where other people spend their holidays? All important prerequisites and information can be found on this side. Kite Checkpoint