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VDWS International

VDWS Wingsurfing Licence

All trainees get a personal Wingsurfing licence from their instructor. This card (with its specific licence number) aims to be a permanent companion and, by this, illustrates one's VDWS Wing-apprenticeship for the rental of equipment and vis-à-vis local authorities.

Every passed level will be confirmed and recorded by a corresponding sticker on the Wingsurfing licence-card.

The level system includes 7 levels. For the classic basic licence however, you need to complete only level 1.

Basic Licence - International proof of qualification


Set-up and dismantling, longboard: wing transport
& storage, basic position, starting, steering, 180°degree turn, jibe or tack, emergency stop, going upwind, behaviour in special situations.


Theory of material, sailing theory, law, weather, behaviour in nature and environment, behaviour in emergencies and bad weather, safety measures and safety equipment.

The levels 2 - 7 shown on the wingboarding licence document the learning progress and serve as a guide to becoming an experienced wing foiler. They are not necessary for obtaining the basic licence, but can be acquired bit by bit over time.