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Wingboarding Instructor Level 1

Are you passionate about Wingsurfing and Wingfoiling? Are you open-minded and do you enjoy working with people? You prefer to be outdoors rather than indoors, and flexibility is not a strange concept to you?

If so, joining a Wingboarding Instructor course might just be a great choice for you! With a Wingboarding Instructor Licence you can turn your hobby into a profession!

No other water sport is growing as fast as Wingboarding and the demand for courses, training and information is huge. There couldn't be a better prerequisite for becoming a Wingfoil or Wingsurf instructor and helping to shape this fascinating new sport.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

For the course:

  • You should be able to ride safely on a Wingsurfboard as well as on a Wingfoilboard. This means that in light winds, you can sail upwind, tack and jibe in a relaxed manner on a windsurfing beginner board or SUP board with a centre fin. In stronger Winds you´re able to foil safely on upwind and downwind courses and you can jibe without ending the flight phase of the board.
  • Teaching experience in other sports is not necessary, but of course helpful. In any case, it is important to have studied the VDWS Wingboarding Instructor E-learning program in advance.


For the license qualification:

  • Completion of the instructor course
  • Passing the practical and theoretical exams as well as teaching exam.
  •  VDWS Membership
  • Passport photo
  • Minimum age: 18 years

Our training courses focus on the organisation and implementation of wingsurf and wingfoil beginner courses. The aim is to provide professional support to aspiring wingfoilers entering this sport and to organise lessons efficiently at a high level.


Theoretical content:

Developing the necessary methodological-didactic knowledge to make wingsurfing and wingfoiling fun for the students. Make and evaluate first teaching experiences through teaching experiments with wing students.


Practical content:

Learn to organise and conduct safe wingsurfing and wingfoil lessons for wingboarding beginners. 


Duration: 8 Tage

Price: 695 €

Extra Costs: Travel expenses, accommodation, material

Practical exam by 12-30 knots

Wingfoiling on different courses in a flat triangle course, foiled jibe, safe touchdown at the starting point.

Safe control through demonstrative riding of the manoeuvres tack and jibe, from heel- and toeside, as well as safe steering on a longboard in an eight course (2 buoys at 50 m distance on beam reach course). 


Teaching Exam

Teaching ability in combination with technical theoretical knowledge and real students. 


 Theoretical Exam

The written examination with questions on theoretical, practical and methodical training lasts 90 minutes.

The current schedule distinguishes between two training seminars. The 4-day workshop is a shortened introductory offer and is aimed exclusively at already licensed VDWS instructors who have teaching experience from other sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing or stand-up-paddling.

For all others, the 8-day full Level 1 Wingboarding Instructor course is the perfect introduction.

Wingboarding Instructor Courses and Trainings

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Date: 07/02 - 07/05/2023
Praxis Seminar Wingfoil Altmühlsee
Wingboarding / Wing Seminar
Gunzenhausen, Altmühlsee
Date: 07/06 - 07/09/2023
Praxis Seminar Wingfoil Dranske
Wingboarding / Wing Seminar
Dranske, Rügen
Date: 09/18 - 09/21/2023
Seminar Wingfoil Tarifa
Wingboarding / Wing Seminar
Tarifa, Spain
Date: 09/23 - 09/30/2023
Wingfoil Instructor Seminar Norddeich
Wingboarding / Level 1 Seminar
Date: 10/02 - 10/09/2023
Wingfoiling Istruttori Seminar Torbole
Wingboarding / Level 1 Seminar
Torbole, Lago di Garda
Date: 10/12 - 10/15/2023
Praxis Seminar Wingfoil Torbole
Wingboarding / Wing Seminar
Torbole, Gardasee
Date: 10/31 - 11/03/2023
Seminar Wingfoil Athens
Wingboarding / Wing Seminar
Athens, Greece
Date: 11/27 - 11/30/2023
Seminar Wingfoil Soma Bay
Wingboarding / Wing Seminar
Soma Bay, Egypt

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There are more then 540 watersportcenters in more then 35 countrys in the world. The VDWS consists of more then 4500 members, watersports instructors, school owners and center managers. Since the foundation in 1974 we were able to spread the fascination in windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and Stand up Paddling to more then 3 million watersports beginners!

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