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VDWS International

Checkpoint: Lost basic licence or register licence yourself

Here you can request a replacement basic licence or register your licence yourself:

Basic licence lost

On our VDWS checkpoint, you can easily request for a new basic licence and order the licence in form of a waterproof plastic card.
Go to: and click on the menu button „Check licence / order licence card“. Then, enter your personal data. All red-marked fields are mandatory. After entering the security code click on the green button ”Search licences for this address“.

Now, there are two possibilities:

  1. Your licence is not yet recorded in the checkpoint

    The system will inform you that “the database contains no licence for the address you entered“. Click on the green button „Register licence“ for your new licence. Then, fill in the mask. Important here too: make sure all red-marked fields are completed.

    • If you have neither basic licence nor certificate fill in “Licence document is not available (lost/stolen)” in the top box. Please try to complete as many fields as possible (licence type, number, name of the school, etc.). The more information you provide, the more likely we will be able to identify your basic licence. Click on the “Okay“ button and then on the green button top right “Apply for licence registration“.
      You will then be redirected to a new page: “Licence request successful“. Here you can enter your login data for your personal checkpoint profile. In the future, you will be able to view your VDWS licences. Important: The username is specified but you may change it at will. Your password must contain at least 8 characters, upper and lower case letters and at least one special character. Cf. help text at the top of the page. When all data are completed, click on “Set password“. This completes the login process. You can access to your personal checkpoint profile any time you want.
      In the meantime, your licence request has been forwarded to us and will be processed as quickly as possible. We will contact you via e-mail in order to keep you informed.
  2. Your licence has already been registered in the checkpoint

    The licence that is registered for the address you have entered is displayed.

    • Upload picture: You can now upload a photo of yourself that will be printed on your licence card.
    • Order plastic card: To order the waterproof plastic card, check the box “Order this card” (at the right of each card). On the left, under the login field, a cart appears. Click on “View cart“: The card you have ordered is displayed. Now, click on the green button “Go to checkout“. Enter your billing and shipping address and choose your preferred method of payment. Important: all red-marked fields are mandatory. If no shipping address is filled in, we will automatically dispatch the card to the address contained in our database. When all information is provided, click on the green button “Continue to checkout“. You now see an order overview. Are the data correct? Click on the green button “Order“. Important: Prior to this, you have to agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box under the order overview.
      You will now be redirected to a page where you can check your payment data again. If everything is correct click on the green button “Pay now“. You will receive confirmation by e-mail to the registered e-mail address. We will process your order as quickly as possible.