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Windsurf Instructor Level 3

Level 3 Windsurf Instructor Courses are the right choice for all of our Level 2 Instructors who like to take their teaching and own windsurfing skills to a higher level. During those courses, we focus on the technique of intermediate and advanced windsurfing manouvers and how to teach them professionally. 

Level 3 Instructors are Windsurfing experts with a very high own riding level and a deep understanding for complex movements. Their methodical skills and experience make them the true experts on the beach!

For the course:

  • valid VDWS Level 2 Windsurf Instructor License
  • valid VDWS membership
  • Advanced Windsurf Skills
  • teaching experience

To complete the license:

  • practical exam at the end of the Level 3 Instructor seminar

Duration:  3 days

Price:    245€ 

Extra costs: getting there, accommodation, equipent rental

Course contents

  • Improve your riding skills
  • Advanced teaching methods
  • Digital aids
  • Forms of course organisation in advanced lessons
  • Maneuver training
  • Improvement of demonstration skills
  • Advanced eqipment seminar
  • Aerodynamics
  • Planning an delivery of advanced course programs

Each Level 3 Instructor Seminar ends with a practical exam.


Topics Level 3 Seminars


  • VDWS Level 2 Instructor Relaxed
  • sailing in both Footstraps


Advanced Manoeuvre techniques, advanced methodology, special forms of organisation during advanced windsurf courses

Course Contents:

  • Beachstart
  • Harness
  • Waterstart Start
  • Planning Sailing in Footstraps
  • Fast Tack on Shortboards
  • Carve Jibe
  • Teaching Concepts for Beachstarts, Harness, Planning and Footstraps Skill based lesson concepts


  • VDWS Level 2 Instructor
  • Sailing in at least one Footstrap



Improvement of own riding level and methodical analyses of classic Windsurfing Moves. Lesson planning and organisation workshops, targeting advanced manoeuvres.

Use of methodical aids.


Course contents:

  • Carve Jibe
  • Slam Jibe
  • Duck Jibe
  • Backwind Jibe
  • Helicopter Tack
  • Backwind Tack
  • Push Tack
  • Chop Hop
  • Pop Hop


Additional moves:

Monkey Jibe, Carved 360, Donut, Loops


  • VDWS Level 2 Instructor
  • Sailing in both Footstraps
  • Harness 
  • Waterstart



Correct and safe handling of foil equipment, improvement of own riding skills, methods and organisation of windsurf foil lessons. 

Course contents:

  • Safety aspects 
  • Safe handling of equipment 
  • Beginner course
  • Use of Simulators
  • Controlling flight altitude 
  • Foiling on different courses
  • Foiling in the Harness
  • Carving
  • Jibing

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