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Level 1 Kitesurf Instructor Seminar

You´re passionate about Kiteboarding, open minded and love working with other people? You are rather outside on the beach than inside an office and flexibility is one of your great strengths? 

Well than, becoming a Kiteboarding Instructor might just be the right thing for you!  Joining one of our Kitesurfing Instructor courses will be your chance to turn your passion for Kiteboarding into a profession! If you´re in doubt if your knowledge and riding level is sufficient, take a minute and test yourself. 

test your Knowledge

Is your basic theoretical knowledge sufficient to join an ITC?

test your Kiting

Are your riding skills sufficient to pass the exam?

  • Majority
  • Safe handling of kitesurfing equipment until 6 bft., remaining windward, jibes on beginner-suited equipment (directional), basic air moves
  • Prerequisites for the acquisition of the license Surf, Kite, Cat and Sail are:
    Proof of being able to run a motorboat (no motorboat licence)
    First-aid certificate (9 periods)
    Swimming certificate (German DLRG-Bronze or equivalent) or VDWS rescue.

Requirements compact and Video link

  • Course scheduling, realization, methodology
  • School and course organization
  • Emergencies during classes or free kitesurfing, safety
  • Physical basics of kitesurfing, functional interconnections
  • Equipment and maintenance
  • Maneuver demonstration
  • Course models
  • Mastering of the techniques " safe on shore flying, waterdrag, waterstart, kitesurfing on all courses, jibe " in a demonstrative way.

Duration: 8 days

Price: 695€

Extra costs: getting there, accommodation, equipment

  • The practical kitesurfing examination can take place at a wind speed of 12 - 30 knots.
  • Teaching ability will be examined by a short demonstration lesson (30 min).
  • Written exam (90 min) questions covering the course contents.

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There are more then 540 watersportcenters in more then 35 countrys in the world. The VDWS consists of more then 4500 members, watersports instructors, school owners and center managers. Since the foundation in 1974 we were able to spread the fascination in windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and Stand up Paddling to more then 3 million watersports beginners!


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VDWS Kiteboarding Acadamy

To successfully take part in the Level 1 Kitesurf Instructor training we recommend you to deal with the theoretical and practical requirements of the course. That will help you to have a good time during your instructor training. Take a look at our kitesurf tutorial series and test your knowledge.