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The internship is a mandatory part of the training for the VDWS watersport instructor. Admission to the internship requires a successful participation in the instructor licence course, the passing of the demonstration lesson and the VDWS membership.

The internship takes at least 21 days or 100 hours and should mainly consist in teaching activities under the supervision of the responsible trainer instructor. It should be completed within one season and preferably without interruption.

The intern will keep a record book about the contents of the internship. This record book is handed out and discussed during the instructor course. Exact details on the internship and the required formalities can be found in this record book.

The registration is sent to the Association before the internships starts. Internships that are not registered will not be accepted. The licence is issued only after successful completion of the internship.

Internship before instructor course

An internship that has been completed before the instructor course will only be validated under the following conditions:
1. the written application at the main office takes place before the internship actually starts and at least 2 months before the instructor course.
2. the completed record book is handed in on the first day of the instructor course.
3. the responsible trainer validates the record book.
4. the part “teaching ability” is passed during the instructor course.

The remaining internship requirements apply unchanged.

Internship school

Internships can only be completed at a VDWS school “entitled to supervise internships”. Interns are supervised by an instructor who has fulfilled his/her further education obligation, disposes of an internship licence and at least of two years of professional experience. The list of entitled internship schools is updated on a regular basis. 
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Please note

It is the applicant who chooses the internship school. We recommend to contact school and responsible trainer at an early stage. Working time, remuneration and other benefits are fixed with the watersport school. The VDWS main office can provide advice for the elaboration of the contract.

If a second instructor licence is acquired, the internship can be cancelled if the candidate can prove at least 6 months of professional experience with the first licence. Interns should receive a fair compensation for the duration of the internship.

VDWS watersport assistants who complete the internship at the same school can benefit of a 50% time reduction (50 hours instead of 100 hours). If the internship is completed at another school it can be reduced by 20% (80 hours instead of 100 hours).