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International Schoolassociation

VDWS represents an aligned system of services around watersports –specially windsports.

Our focus is on  

the education of watersport instructors
the ongoing servicing of watersport schools
the implementation of high training quality standards
the maintenance and development of the basic licence system
our range of services and products
the representations of our instructors’ and memberschools’ interests. 


Our current guiding theme is at the center of our daily work:

VDWS – competent for windsurfing, kitesurfing, dinghy- and catamaransailing.
Quality as well as international presence in watersports.


Some facts

  • More than 540 watersportcenter in 30 countries
  • More than 3.600 members: instructors, owner of watersportcenters, centermanger
  • More than 2.9 mio beginners since 1974
  • 1974 Foundation: Verband Deutscher Windsurfing Schulen e.V. (VDWS) objective: training of windsurfing instructors support for schools, establishing standards for schools and training
  • 1985 Foundation VAW (Vereinigte Ausbildungsverbände Windsurfen) objective: standardized worldwide Basic Licence
  • 1988 Foundation of VDWS Service GmbH objective: improved cooperation with school members, concept, production and supply of instruction tools and products, training and further education of instructors product development and marketing, services for members
  • 1991 Startup Catamaransailing
  • 1993 Startup Jollyboatsailing
  • 1994 New name: Verband Deutscher Windsurfing und Wassersportschulen e.V.
  • 1999 VDWS Italy
  • 2000 VDWS Poland
  • 2001 Startup Kitesurfing
  • 2004 International Instructortrainings
  • 2004 VDWS Turkey
  • 2005 International Schoolmeetings
  • 2006 Startup Watersportassistant
  • 2007 New Name: Verband Deutscher Wassersport Schulen e.V.
  • 2007 New Qualitymangement: Center Manual
  • 2009 New Guidelines for Watersportcenter
  • 2012 More than 3000 member worldwide
  • 2013 Implementation of the Motor boat licence up to 15 PS
  • 2013 Foundation of the Business initiative "Quality Training in Water Sports"
  • 2014 Implementation of the revised Windsurfing sail range
  • 2014 New Basic licence
  • 2016 Start SUP instructor training