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Windsurfing: Wittensee Foiling Championships 2023

September 30 to October 3, 2023

Update 14.08.2023

Wittensee Foiling Championships 2023 - Determination of the German Youth Champions in three Windsurfing Classes

With a donation of 5000 Euro the wind park developer Denker & Wulf from Sehestedt supports the "Wittensee Foiling Championships 2023", the German Youth Championships in three windsurfing classes on the Wittensee.

Already more than six weeks before the start of the competitions, about 40 participants are on the entry lists, among them high-ranking and well-known athletes.

Vincent Langer just became German champion in the Fin Slalom at the Multivan Windsurf Cup on Sylt, three times already world champion and five times European champion from the Yacht Club Zwenkau from Saxony. He will compete with squad sailor Fabian Wolf from Kiel, the new German Champion in Foil Slalom, who starts for the Norddeutscher Regattaverein.

In the Open Windfoil Youth class, Nils Präger and Max Winkler are expected to compete, who are currently ranked 2nd and 3rd in the German rankings.

The youngest newcomers will start in the Techno 293 class, which currently lists 30 surfers on the German ranking list. First-placed Gustav Grünbaum from Yachtclub Warnow and his pursuer Smila Petersen from Surfclub Flensburg, who also leads the girls' ranking, will take on twelve other athletes and fight for the youth championship title.


13th july 2023

From September 30 to October 3, 2023, German Championships in Windsurfing will be held for the first time on the Wittensee in Schleswig-Holstein. On four competition days, the Wassersportclub am Wittensee, supported by the Windsurfing Club Wittensee-Rendsburg, will determine the International German Champions in the senior class "Formula Foil", the International German Youth Champions in the pre-Olympic class "Open Windfoil Youth" and the International German Youth Champions in the junior class "Techno 293". The races are scheduled to take place on all days between 10 am and 5 pm.

A maximum of 28 races per class are scheduled on the course on Lake Witten, with five races necessary to crown a German champion. Three National Race Officials will be in charge of the regatta: Thomas Michaelis from the Ruder- und Tennisgesellschaft Wesel 1907 from North Rhine-Westphalia, Konrad Sagebiel from the Akademischer Seglerverein Greifswald zu Lübeck and Manfred Fritsche from the Segelclub Eckernförde. The arbitration panel is even higher: it will be headed by International Arbitrator Finn Mrugalla from Flensburger Segelclub, who is a member of the World Sailing Federation's Racing Rules Committee.

Prize money has been offered for the event, with the winner in the senior class receiving 500 euros, the winner in the youth class 300 euros and the first in the junior class 200 euros, and the next-placed also receiving further cash prizes.


Early-entry registrations are possible from now until July 14, 2023, after which the normal entry fee applies until September 13. Late entry is then possible until one day before the races.


The entire event will be broadcast on land on screens, so that spectators are also close to the action. An extensive social program with music will round out the event.


The classes:


Racing is considered the Formula 1 of disciplines. The athletes fly over the water with their foils. From five knots (almost three wind forces) it is possible to "fly off". The foil equipment works so effectively that the riders can reach many times the wind speed.
In racing, various competition formats can be held. At the lowest wind limit, slalom formats can be raced. With more wind, Up & Downwind or Long Distance races are run, which demand tactical skills. The start will be with the complete starting field.


Open Windfoil Youth:

The straightforward way to get into regatta windfoiling. The Open Windfoil Youth is a boxrule class, where the material can be chosen freely within a few basic conditions. It is based on the youth format of the Olympic class, the iQFOiL Junior and Youth material. This allows as many youths as possible to fly together over the water and compete against each other in dynamic races.



The Techno 293 One Design class is the world recognized windsurfing class for all U-15 competitions. Inexpensive, easy to handle and with great performance, the Techno 293 OD became in a few years the most dynamic and biggest windsurfing class in the world. The entry level class consists of unit equipment with only one board and up to two sails in different age appropriate sizes for youngsters from 8 to 14 years old.


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Photos: FormulaFoil on the Wittensee, photo credit: WCWR