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VDWS eLearning is online

After a planning period of several years and a development and implementation within just under 6 months, the VDWS training courses have been supported by their own eLearning platform in the past 3 months. The majority of the new instructors of these pilot courses were enthusiastic.

At the beginning of 2021 the VDWS eLearning Module will be available to all future instructors. The intention of the VDWS teaching team that led to this offer is clear: "We want to give the participants the opportunity to prepare themselves for their training courses in a modern, detailed and individual way. The more successful this is, the more time we have to concentrate on the practical side of the actual training courses".

The first pilot events (since August 2020) have been very promising and it has already been decided that the VDWS eLearning will be developed further in 2021. In the meantime, eLearning, which is currently only available in German, will also be available in English from December 2020