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SUP Instructor

The SUP instructor course aims at providing the participants with all relevant pedagogical and methodological tools, necessary for running a safe and high-quality SUP group course.


Safe paddling and the examination maneuvers. No teaching background is required. However, the candidate should be familiar with the VDWS instructor file theory. 

Prerequisites for the acquisition of the license Surf, Kite, Cat, Sail and SUP are:
Proof of being able to run a motorboat (no motorboat licence)
First-aid certificate (9 periods)
Swimming certificate (German DLRG-Bronze or equivalent) or VDWS rescue. 
18 years

requirements compact & videolink

Course Contents

  • Movement instructions and keywords, movement descriptions, movement tasks 
  • Instructor's behaviour, mistake analysis and correction 
  • Techniques of board control 
  • Movement learning 
  • Introduction into course planning and design 
  • Example of a beginner course 
  • VDWS SUP-System, Safety Check Card and Workbook
  • Watersport and environmental problems 
  • Meteorology, equipment, safety and health 
  • Job description watersport instructor


The practical examination consists skills of board control and paddle techniques.

In a buoy course, two buoys at a distance of 40 meters, you paddle to and fro, once in each direction. 
On the first way, your feet are parallel and you use the paddle only one hand side. The first buoy must be rounded with a crossbow turn, the second buoy with a kick turn. 

Demonstration lesson
During the demonstration lesson, the teaching ability in the field of beginner courses will be tested.

Written examination
The written examination covers the theoretical, practical and methodical aspects of the training, it takes max 30 minutes

Course completion
Once the examination passed and the internship successfully completed, the candidate can hold the title of "VDWS SUP instructor".