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Instructor Courses

Job or career?

These days, watersport instructors are much more challenged than a few years ago. Many of the tiny schools, with only on discipline, have developed into huge watersport centers, offering windsurfing, kiteboarding, catamaran and dinghy sailing. Thanks to its modularity, the VDWS qualification system allows for an individual job profile that can be expanded step by step. Further education workshops for school management and the supervision of internships complete this qualification system.

Not everybody wants to go in for a career. Sometimes, it is just a job for 2 - 4 years, after high school or during college. The instructor course provides you rapidly with the necessary teaching basics. Adequate payment is the consequence.

Foci of the Instructor Courses

  • Training of practical skills
  • Demonstration skills
  • Introduction into teaching and planning
  • Forms of organization and practical teaching
  • Realization of a beginner course
  • Advanced courses
  • Kids courses, animation
  • Job description: chances and opportunities
  • Equipment

One instructor course lasts 8 - 10 days. Ensuing, 100 hrs of internship have to be completed at a VDWS school. After the successful completion of this internship, the respective instructor licence (windsurfing, kiteboarding, catamaran or dinghy sailing) is awarded. The holder of this licence is entitled to train and to examine the VDWS basic licence contents.


A second instructor licence (e.g. catamaran and windsurfing) automatically results in the VDWS watersport licence. The holder of this licence is entitled to train and to examine the VDWS windsurfing and sailing basic licence contents and to issue the basic licence. Job title: watersport instructor.

That's how things continue

The participation in further education seminars leads to the internship licence. Holders of this licence are entitled to accompany and to train interns, to check internship records and to conduct the internship. The funboard trainer qualification too can be passed during a further education workshop.


The VDWS school management seminar will help you get prepared for the self-dependant management of a watersport center. Holders of the school management licence are entitled to register and to manage an independent windsurfing and/or watersport school.