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Windsurfing Instructor

I’m Alessandro, a windsurf instructor, I’m looking for a job for the winter season. I’ve got a driving license, I can teach in three languages Italian English and German. I can travel everywhere. I’ve also experience as SUP instructor and I’m very motivated. Contacts :”

Kite Instructor

Suji Kumar  Hi I would like find job for me as a instructor kite surfing. I have work experience with 3 school in sri Lanka. My work experience 2 years done.i  really interests to work in other countries. Let me know any offer My licence number  VE 22159  Thank you Suji Kumar


I’m looking for a Job as a Kite-Assistant from  June until September/October. I would like to work as a Kite-Assistant and improve my Kite-Skills on the same way (if possible). I’m on Kite-Level 3-4 and would love to spend summer/autumn at a Kite-Station, helping where ever help is needed. Please contact me, if there is a possibilitie:
Best Regards and see you soon Alain