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In the various host countries we have competent VDWS members as contact persons. They'll take care of your questions and concerns to the VDWS.


Suat Celik

Suat Celik

Suat Celik, born in 1968, always wanted to be a sportsman. After studying electrical engineering in Antalya, he visited many countries and water sports schools around the world. He was the first VDWS instructor in Turkey and translated the VDWS training documents into Turkish.

As a water sports instructor, Suat worked for many years at Club Aldiana Fuerteventura, and in 2000 founded one of the largest VDWS water sports schools for cat, surf, sailing and kite in Turkey. 

In 2021, Suat initiated social projects for children who had lost their homes during the devastating forest fires in the Ortaca/Köycegiz region. He is also involved in regional environmental protection projects to keep the Mediterranean clean.

Since 2021, Suat has been part of the VDWS teaching team again and is determined to make VDWS water sports big again in Turkey.

Motto: Always smile...


Ibrahim Chouman

Ibrahim Chouman

Ibi started windsurfing in the autumn of 1990 at Club Magawish in Hurghada/Egypt and quickly developed a great passion for the sport. To fulfil his dream of becoming a windsurfing instructor, he learnt German within 3 months in order to pass the next VDWS windsurfing instructor course.
He then started as a trainee and then as a windsurfing instructor.
In 1994 Ibi went into business for himself and opened the first windsurfing centre in Dahab, Sinai with his travel partner at the time, "Happy Surf & Ski Tours".
Several windsurfing centres followed and in 1999 Ibi was the first kitesurfer on the Red Sea and opened the first kitesurfing centre in Egypt at Club Magawish.
With his own water sports company "Ibi & friends", Ibi opened more than 12 water sports centres throughout Egypt, from Dahab to El Tur, Zaafarana, Hurghada and El Naaba. Ibi also worked for many years as a consultant for other watersports centres in Egypt.
Ibi now works mainly as a lecturer, trainer and consultant, but owns his own kite club in Seahorse Bay. He is still involved in watersports and the industry, although he rarely gets on a kiteboard or surfboard himself.

Motto: Wind is my life!



Sascha Toth

Sascha Toth

Sascha Toth, born in 1975, discovered his passion for windsurfing in 1990 at Lago d'Idro in Northern Italy. During his sports studies at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, he honed his skills and became a VDWS windsurfing and kitesurfing instructor. Since 1999 he has worked as a dedicated instructor and examinier at a watersports school on Veluwemeer in the Netherlands. In 2005 he moved to the Netherlands for good and became a teacher of German at secondary schools, while continuing to train instructors at universities. Since 2023 he has been working as VDWS representative in the Netherlands, looking after universities, technical colleges and vocational schools, thus making an important contribution to the promotion of water sports and education.

Motto: Dream big and make it happen.

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