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The central office of the association is in Weilheim, about 40 minutes south of Munich (in an industrial area called Trifthof). If you are in this area just drop in and visit us – you can be sure to get a cup of coffee!

Dr.-Karl-Slevogt-Str. 5
D-82362 Weilheim
Tel + 49(0)881-9311-0
Fax + 49(0)881-9311-15



Business hours

Monday - Thursday 8.00 - 16.30 pm
Friday 8.00 - 12.30 am



Lisbeth Prade
Manager of the VDWS Service GmbH, responsible for finances, EDP, recognition of watersportcenters

Tel +49 (0)881-9311-11

Linda Steiner
Administration of training, responsible for instruction courses, mediation of vacancies, instruction team, licences and practical courses

Tel +49 (0)881-9311-14

Petra Trojahn
School attendance, distribution, responsible for supply, member admission and school acknowledgement

Tel +49 (0)881-9311-13

Elfriede Schwaiger
Accounts department

Tel +49 (0)881-9311-12

Sandra Goliasch

Tel +49 (0)881-9311-13

Rudi Kubesch
Stock-management and supply

Tel +49 (0)881-9311-20