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Last Update: 8.8.2022

Achtung: Das VDWS Praktikum kann nur in einer praktikumsberechtigten Schule absolviert werden. Die Liste der Praktikumsschulen findest du hier.

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Spain Mallorca Watersports


Water Sports Mallorca is since 1998 a Watersports Reference on the Island and has its own Kite and Wing area! We have a sandy beach with shallow water, and constant Thermal wind 90% of the days from may to September.

- Kite-Instructors in shallow water.
- Deep Water Kite Instructors with Motorboat Assistance
- Kite-Assistants.
- Wingsurf-Instructor
We offer: Working contract, Fixed Salary+ Co-mission and Accommodation Facilities.We will consider Teaching Experience with Students and Motorboat , Licenses and Languages: Spanish, English, German High Season Job from mid June to mid September.
If you are interested, please send a CV to or Contact Tel/Whatsapp +34 606353807