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Last Update: 19.1.2022

Achtung: Das VDWS Praktikum kann nur in einer praktikumsberechtigten Schule absolviert werden. Die Liste der Praktikumsschulen findest du hier.

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Greece Naxos

Join us in Naxos!
Ride With The Gods is looking for certified windsurf instructors and beach assistant personel for the upcoming season 2022 in Naxos for the months of May - October. Our season runs from early May to the mid of October and we offer 2 options of occupation for 2 month season or full 5 months season. We are interested in English speaking instructors with a second language of French/Italian/German or Greek. We offer according to the case:

Accommodation, salary, insurance & possible bonus.
+ Previous experience and valid power boat license will be highly appreciated.
+ Valid Greek personal insurance number (AFM / ΑΦΜ) would be a plus.
So, if you love windsurfing in the summer, join us in Naxos where most of the days are windy.

For more information contact us at:  Social Media : @ridewiththegods