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Last Update: 19.1.2022

Achtung: Das VDWS Praktikum kann nur in einer praktikumsberechtigten Schule absolviert werden. Die Liste der Praktikumsschulen findest du hier.

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Greece Naxos Flisvos

Naxos Greece
Flisvos Sportclub Naxos, since 28 years we are running the Flisvos Sportclub ( )still fully passionate about water sports! If you want to join us in year 29 at the windsurf centers at St. George Beach please send us your CV and Photos, a letter of motivation and references.
We are looking for:
- VDWS Windsurfing Instructors, with a valid VDWS license, experience in teaching and perfect English speaker (knowledge of other languages like French will be appreciated).
- Wing Foil Instructors, with experience in teaching and material maintenance. Basic wing foiling skills are required Perfect English and other languages
- A Receptionist for our Windsurfing Center, with experience in customer service, perfect English and other languages. We are offering ideal working conditions on a Greek island in an established watersport center with an international team, as well as:
-Social Insurance
-Free accommodation
-Free use of equipment at the stations
-Half price on food and drinks at the restaurant
-Discount at the surf shop
We are looking forward to receive your application to: