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Workshop Leadership Coaching

The experience from our Center Management Workshops shows that owners or managers of water sports centers face various challenges in the area of ​​employee leadership (see these challenges further down > Course Content), for which we would like to share and develop (individual) answers with you in this workshop.

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Leadership can happen be done by intuition and succeed. However, for most people, this is not the case. They only improve their relationship with employees and internal communication after defining their leadership role and aligning it with individual values. With more awareness of interpersonal processes and clarity about the own role as a leader, leadership becomes easier and leads to more satisfaction in the team. Team members feel valued, included, and experience more meaning in their work. In this workshop, we want to convey the latest findings from neuroscience as well as proven leadership strategies.

Course Content:
Understanding employees / Matching the employees´ individual levels, addressing different personalities / Motivating employees, considering their interests and strengths / Finding balance between friendship and being the boss / Practicing constructive criticism and giving critical feedback / Team building / Resolving and preventing conflicts / Dealing with stress and finding a healthy balance (Self-Leadership) / Creating clear structures and tasks / Ensuring transparent communication / Delegating tasks and responsibilities / Recruiting and retaining employees

Participants gain expertise on one hand and concrete ideas for implementation in everyday work on the other hand, so they can confidently face the challenges mentioned above. Each participant has a contemporary understanding of leadership, valuable insights about themselves, and a plan for implementing the insights in their own team after the workshop.

Tuesday, 04.06. until Wednesday, 05.06.2024 (each day 09:00-18:00)

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Important to know:     
The VDWS reserves the right to cancel the event for organizational reasons.
The minimum number of participants is 6 people.

Timo Sternemann
Member of the VDWS examiner team for over 10 years. In his company (Allyoucansurf), he has led up to 50 employees in peak times in Holland and Portugal. As an IHK Business Coach, trainer for New Work Coaches, and aspiring neuroscientist, he has profund knowledge regarding brain-friendly leadership.


EUR 550,00
06/04 - 06/05/2024
Online Seminar
Phone: +49 (0)881 9311-14
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Center Management Lizenzverlängerung / Licence Renewal
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