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International Trainerteam

Those who wish to become watersport instructors have to be trained to a high standard. For our instructor training VDWS relies on a decisive, highly qualified Trainer Team . Those who aspire to joining the ranks of the team, must prove they meet the high criteria. A good teaching aptitude combined with an outstanding practical ability are the basic prerequisites. Passing on practical skills and experience are things one must easily and clearly demonstrate.

The associations leadership put particular emphases on the need to continually broadening qualifications and update with further training as Trainer Team member. Consequently to ensure the quality and high level of ability in the association can be sustained and extended in the future we investment in the further training of these instructors.

At the Trainer Team meetings new techniques are tried out and concepts for advanced training courses are developed. The VDWS -Trainer Team is presently comprised of members who are, sports researchers, teacher graduates, product testers, book authors, and physical education teachers. This mix guarantees stimulating course content and the optimal learning environment for course candidates. In order to deal with the wide range of demanding tasks the Trainer Team is organised as follows.


Martin Klintz

Martin, born in 1966, did not want the safe job as a geography and sports teacher. Instead of this, he associated his learned occupation with his hobby and is now running his own watersports center in Potsdam. The water sports teacher by vocation is VDWS-instructor since 1990 and member of the association’s trainer team since 1997.
Motto: Live and let live.



Florian Krämer
Florian is degree sports teacher since 2003. His focus is on recreational sports and experiential learning. He started his water sports career in the earliest childhood and passed his windsurfing instructor licence in 1994. Since then, he has worked as instructor and school manager in various watersport centers in Europe and South America, as well as a lecturer for windsurfing at the University of Saarland. Since 2004, he works as windsurfing and kitesurfing trainer at Team Waterworld and since 2005 he is the owner of the UST watersportschool in Dranske / Rügen. Other activities include work for the VEJ, the Association for Experiential Education, and lectureship in the field of snowboarding at the University of Saarland.
Motto: Pura vida ... don’t get stressed


Surf | Kite | SUP


Jessica "Mine" Kirstein

Mine," born in 1980, made her first water (sport) experiences as hotel manageress on a cruise ship. As she prefers waves to wellness, she started windsurfing in 2004 on the island of Fuerte 2004. Since then, she follows the wind around the world, be it as windsurfing instructor, kitesurfing instructor or school manager. In 2007 she has joined and rejuvenated the VDWS trainer team.

Motto: Only dead fish swim with the tide.


Surf | Kite | SUP


Flo Kirstein

Flo, born in 1985, started windsurfing at the age of 10. Since then, he spends every free minute on the board. After six months on Maui in 2002, he participated in a VDWS windsurf instructor course. Since that time he is working as school manager and North Frisian by choice in Wyk/Foehr. Flor has completed his sports tourism management studies and is member of the VDWS trainer team since 2010.
Motto: Aloha and hang loose!


Surf | Cat



Jens Wüllenweber

During his studies of physical education teacher, orientation recreational sports, he got in touch with windsurfing in 1999. He passed his windsurfing instructor licence and, thus, he educated not only snowboard instructors to be but also windsurfing students as from 2002. In 2001 he started to work at the UST-Wassersportschule on Rügen. In the meantime, he has become the manager of this school, which is now called Rügen Piraten Wassersportschule. Since 2002, he works also as windsurfing and kitesurfing instructor for Team Waterworld.
Motto: Get action first and than rev up...



Jens Tiedjen

Jens, born in 1980, started windsurfing at the age of 15 and is a fanatic windsurfer ever since. At the beginning of his teacher training for the advanced high school level (physical education & geography) he acquired the windsurfing school Grömitz with a friend of his. In his capacity as manager he developed the school into a water sports center for windsurfing, catamaran and dinghy sailing. Furthermore, he opened two more branches. Anticipating new professional challenges, he sold his share in October 2012. Since April 2014 he is the Centermanager watersport & wintersport Center Humboldt University Berlin.
Motto: Accept or change!


Surf | Sail| SUP


Julia Bleich
Jule, born in 1985, made her first watersport steps in 1999. Since then, water sports are her life. In 2004 she passed her windsurfing instructor course. This was followed by 3 seasons of accompanying large groups at the windsurfing school San Pepelone. In 2006/07 she completed her water sports instructor education (sailing and windsurfing). Subsequently, she assumed the management of the nautical location „Sail and Surf Pelzerhaken“. Kiteboarding and the respective licences were the next steps. During the winter she has acquired many experiences on Fuerte and in Egypt, at different spots/conditions, independent schools and at the Robinson Club.
Motto: There’s still one more possibility!


Surf | Kite | Cat | SUP


Anika Junge
Anika, born in 1986, went to Norderney after secondary school. Her aim: to accomplish a voluntary social year and to learn windsurfing during the spare time – in order to come nearer to her dream job of a windsurfing instructor. The dream has come true. In 2008, she completed the VDWS windsurfing instructor course on Norderney where she is working ever since. She abandoned her initial High School plans for a correspondence course degree in sport tourism management and exchanged the cold and grey German winters for different stays in sunnier and windier climes at the sea.
Motto: It is better to regret things you have done than things you have not done.




Dirk Muschenich

Dirk, born in 1966, was elected in 1999 in the VDWS Board. He has earned his spurs in international regattas (1983-94). It was not until 1988 that he discovered his interest in acquiring and communicating further background knowledge (sports degree). Since then he worked as a trainer for the Surf Academy and Happy Surfing. After 6 years as manager of a travel agency he founded his own watersport agency. Dirk is known as a specialist in the fields of funboard training and kitesurfing.
Motto: Unlimited fun in kiteboarding and windsurfing!


Kite | Surf | SUP


Chris Ziaja

Chris, born in 1975, rapidly switched from his job as management assistant to the profession of windsurfing instructor on the water. He is working for years now as a windsurfing, sailing and kiteboarding instructor around the world. Chris loves looking for new challenges at new destinations with unusual conditions. This is how he got to Costa Rica in the winter 1999 for instance. Since 1998, he brings youthful freshness with new ideas to the VDWS teaching team.
Motto: Not possible? Impossible!


Kite | Surf | SUP




Michael Vogel

Michael, born in 1973, runs the windsurfing and kiteboarding school Norddeich. This East Frisian by choice is a trained chef and hotel manager. Like every Austrian, Michael worked as a ski and snowboard instructor and has been involved in the kiteboarding workbook. Michael works as a freelancer (wave expert) for the Kitemagazin. Beginners appreciate his calm character, a guarantor for high learning success. He is also our expert for riding techniques in strong wind.
Motto: Not possible? Impossible!


Kite | Snowkite  | SUP


Tom Backhaus
Tom, born in 1977, completed his sports sciences degree at the Bochum University successfully in 2006. Already during his studies he worked as watersports instructor at a school in Holland, and as teacher for windsurfing courses at the University of Bochum. His degree dissertation was about "Learning successes in windsurfing." Since the completion of his studies he worked for kite events and as kite and windsurfing instructor at various stations.
Motto: You can’t change the wind, but choose the right size kite.


Kite | Surf


Timo Sternemann

Timo (born in 1982) has finished his sport science studies in 2009; focus on prevention and rehabilitation by physical education. During his studies he found enough time for trips to Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, Egypt and France, despite his job as a kiteboarding instructor in the Netherlands... Besides in the medical links between sports and health, he is also interested in the branches of training science and sports didactics. He is co-founder and former board member of the educational institution Paidaia e.V., which provides support to the socially disadvantaged youth. In addition to seminars in the field of team training, he directs instructor training and educational seminars for the regional NRW Sports Federation, among other. When the wind comes, he can be found in Holland/Ijsselmeer where he trains interns, helps enthusiastic people to take their first steps on the board or just plays "Looping Louie"…

Motto: Everything will be alright


Kite | SUP


Christoph Bürger

During his child- and boyhood, Christoph, born in 1978, explored the Mecklenburg Lake District on the XYlon and became fascinated by the water. In the nineties, he became addicted to snowboarding, added kiteboarding in 2003. He practiced every minute of his spare time on water, land and snow and got the VDWS kitesurfing instructor licence in 2006. In 2007, he interrupted his studies in architecture to turn his passion into a career. Since 2007, he manages the kiteboarding school Rügen Piraten and travels across the globe as kiteboarding instructor for TeamWaterworld. The fascination for windsurfing came after kiteboarding and he passed his windsurfing instructor licence in 2011.

Motto: Seize the day


Surf | Kite


Nils Lucassen
Nils grew up in St.Peter-Ording and has spent most of his life until now on beach and water. During his teacher studies in Flensburg (physical education and mathematics) he worked as kiteboarding instructor during the holidays all over the world. In addition, he was a jury member for national and international kite competitions (races and freestyle) and has completed several teaching assignments in the water sports sector for the University of Flensburg. After successfully completing his studies in 2012 and completing his traineeship, he decided to dedicate his life to water sports. In addition to teaching at the VDWS, he works at Kitecity and is responsible for the planning and organization of worldwide training events. Furthermore, he runs the sales agency for Brunotti RDP in Germany.

Motto: Whoever wants will find ways. Motto: Whoever does not want will find reasons.




Claas Zäncker
Claas, born in 1983, is fascinated by water sports since the age of 12. He started with sailing, then he discovered windsurfing and finally kiteboarding in 2001. In 2009, he interrupted his shipbuilding studies in order turn his passion into a career and became VDWS kitesurfing instructor. Since then, he is a permanent member of the Supremesurf Rostock instructor team. As an instructor, he has accompanied the retraining program for water sports instructors in the field of kitesurfing, of the German employment office, for the Waspo Academy. In 2010 he became head of the Supreme SURFBUS at Saaler Bodden. In 2011 he passed the VDWS windsurfing instructor licence. When the German season is over he trains at different places, like Brazil and the Philippines. He is member of the VDWS trainer team since 2015.




Dieter Scholz
Dieter, born in 1958, makes his live with windsurfing, kitesurfing and catamaran sailing for over 30 years now. He gained his first experiences in his own schools in Kiel and on Sicily as well as jobbing in surfshops. Dieters windsurfing and kiteboarding location is the strong wind spot Tarifa, where he lives for more than 20 years. In the summer, Dieter returns to Germany and works since 1994 as school manager at Windsurfing Wulfen on

Fehmarn. Since 1998, Dieter is member of the VDWS trainer team.
Motto: Never farther away from water than absolutely necessary.


Surf | Kite | Cat  | SUP

Mara Zapp

After a youth in the water (top swimmer), Mara got in touch with windsurfing board and catamaran in 1998 during her sports studies. Since then, she has been practicing both disciplines and started to teach them right from the start. Consequently, swimming is only on the agenda when she falls off the board! Since 2003, Mara works for Windsurfing Wulfen as alternate school manager. Fascinated by the transferability of the disciplines, she added kiteboarding to her range of sports.
Motto: Unquiet like the sea, turbulent, unceasingly.


Surf | Sail

Thomas Haupt

Thomas was born in Berlin in 1980 and he has made his first experience in the Optimist when he was 5 years old. He then continued with regattas in Pirate, Xylon, 470 and 11m One Design. In 2000, he won the 20 hours race of the Müggelsee on a Beneteau First 235. In 2002, he completed his watersport instructor courses. Since then he works on Fuerteventura as catamaran instructor. He is also in charge of the organization and the training during the Club Robinson catamaran weeks. Currently, he participates in prestigious regattas on his F18, namely the Kiel Week, F18WM in Hungary or Olympic weeks on Gran Canaria.
Motto: Rip the ocean and let the good times roll!



Franziska Böhm
Franziska, aka Franzi, was born with watersports in 1983. At the age of five she got her first own optimist. She was an ambitious contest sailor until the completion of her degree in sports studies in 2008. In 2009, she started as VDWS sailing instructor at ALL-on-SEA in Leipzig. Now she is the manager of this watersport center, accompanies many beginning and advanced trainees, participates in dinghy and catamaran regattas and spends every spare minute on and around a second-hand 49er. 
Motto: You should rather repent things you have not done than the things you have done."




Florian Brunner



Carsten Kurmis



team Italia

Christian Bartesaghi

It was curiosity that made Chris try out windsurfing already in 1979. His windsurfing instructor career started ten years later at the Robinson Club Calabria. After four years of experience in windsurfing and sailing, he made the logical step towards school management. As passionate skier, Chris spent winters in the Alps. In 2000, it was time for a change; he started as product manager at Planet Allsports. En passant, he also completed his IST-degree in sport and tourism management.
Motto: Live every day as if it were your last!


Surf | Sail


Michele Poli

Michele was born in 1975 in Bozen, where he also grew up and graduated from business school. Already as a child, he was fascinated by water. In the summer, Michele lives at Lake Garda, the rest of the year he spends in warm maritime climes. He discovered kitesurfing in 2002 in Greece – he got fascinated immediately, passed the instructor course and quit his job in order to dedicate his life to kiteboarding. He worked as kiteboarding instructor at different spots in Venezuela, Brazil and Egypt. Since 2009 he runs his own VDWS kiteboarding school at Lake Garda, where he has become a motorboat teaching specialist.




Piotr Golba

Piotr, born in 1961 in Warsaw, passed his windsurfing instructor licence in 1984 during his degree in recreational sports and tourism at the Sports University. He gained many experiences as windsurfing instructor and school manager at Poland’s most important watersport centers. In parallel, he also worked as a sports teacher. Since 2000, Piotr is member of the VDWS trainer team. Watersports and teaching are his passion. In 2010 he passed his VDWS kitesurfing instructor licence.
Motto: If you stop learning, you stop growing.



team Turkey


Muzo Ercetin

Muzo, born in 1976 in Ludwigsburg, left Germany at the age of 14 and went back to his home country, to Izmir (Turkey). Shortly afterwards he started his windsurfing and sailing career. Despite the fact that he has been working in the textile sector: he was not made for this – the sea was calling. He started working as windsurfing and sailing instructor in different countries, among others in Egypt. Since 2009, Muzo works as head of the watersport department at Robinson Club Sarigerme Park.
Motto: As soon as one has become Master in a discipline, one should become disciple in a new field.


Surf | Cat

team Netherland

Hugo Doornhof
Hugo was born in 1967 and got in touch with windsurfing in 1982 in Harderwijk / Veluwemeer. During his degree in physical education teacher, which he finished in 1989, he specialized in outdoor sports such as canoeing, skiing, skating and windsurfing. He worked in Austria, France and Luxembourg in the fields of rafting, climbing and biking. In 1991, he was sports trainer military task forces. After another degree at the Sports Academy in Zwolle, he was a full time trainer at several sports educations and schools for teacher training. Since 2008 he is a stockholder and CEO of a private, governmental approved, Sports Academy. He still works for a great part as trainer in the different disciplines as well.
Motto: Dead fish are swimming with the current.



Fabian Naerebout

Fabian (born in 1980) has studied outdoor sports and sports tourism at the Cologne Sport University. He learned swimming at the age four and from then on he spent all his time watersporting or on the beach. Already during the '90s, he experimented with the combination of hang gliding and surfing. In 1998 he started kitesurfing, and since 2000 he is the owner of a kitesurfing school, which he has transformed into a complete watersport center. Since 2004, Fabian is trainer for kiteboarding instructors in Holland and since 2011 also at VDWS.

Motto: Every wave is different; I ‘d like to know them all!



Willem Kiebohm
Willem, born in 1986, has started windsurfing at the age of 7. It got his passion right from the start. At the same time, the hours he spent on the water were always like therapy against asthma and allergies. To spend even have more time on the water, he has also added kitesurfing, stand up paddling and catamaran sailing to his disciplines. At the age of 15 he started to teach windsurfing at different clubs. After his psychology master he spent several seasons abroad as a water sports instructor in different centers of Robinson Club. In 2012 he has come home and, 26 years old, founded the water sports center Windy Waters on the Veluwemeer together with his father. Aim of this center: make people discover their passions.

Motto: Powered by Passion

Surf | Cat


Wall of Fame: "Old" - teamer SINCE 1974

Gunther Baade, Rollo Beckmann, Uwe Borlinghaus, Werner Buschmann, Claus Baalmann, Klaus Bandick, Holm Baumann, Christian Behrendt, Dago Benz, Martin Böneker, Toni Bichler, Dirk Brauns, Hermann Becker, Florian Brunner, Jürgen Charchulla, Mustafa Celik, Anke Dennhardt, Cord Dassler, Andy Damith, Dietmar Damith, Hein Droste, Marc Ellmann, Frank Fueting, Uwe Farke, Klaus Gahmig, Heinart Giebel, Klaus Greif, Klaus Grell, Uwe Grenzebach, Karsten Gallo, Max Guerzoni, Nobert Hauser, Tobias Hatje, Fiete Hedde, Christine Hertneck, Sigi Hoffmann, Walter Hommelsheim, Dirk Houtzagers, Christian Hubert, Sonja Hauser, Heiner zur Jacobsmühlen, Kurt John, Gritt Juncken, Önder Kadak, Jörn Kappenstein, Horst Karrer, Paula Klemt, Gerd Keglmaier, Karsten Kemmer, Bernie Kudernatsch, Knut Kuntoff, Holger Krumme, Arno Krombholz, HP Lange, Marcel Lamers, Andy Lammerer, Steffi Löffler, Reinhard Lehmpfuhl, Ute Lüdke, Hans Walter Lukasch, Werner Maier, Bernd Mechsner, Rüdiger Mechsner, Christian May, Ralf Madert, Wolfgang Merz, Volker Möhle, Claus Oepp, Klaus Osterkamp, Bernd Panusch, Ernstfried Prade, Kristian Prade, Uwe Preuss, Kutte Priessner, Yann Pestka, Dirk Rademacher, Roland Rabe, Hans Reinhold, Jens Radde, Vasco Renna, Ebi Rausch, Michael Rehmer, Harald Rein, Frank Ritter, Steffi Ruhbach, Carsten Ritter, Luca Spangoli, Dennis Schormann, Eric Seifert, Claudio Schiefner, Reinhard Schneiderhan, Axel Schmidt, Achim Stutzmann, Detlef Schröder, Manfred Schwermer, Michael Schulte, Dieter Siara, Paul Simons, Marco Segnana, Wolfhardt Smidt, Su Cremer Stein, Heinz Stickl, Suat Celik, Nadine Stegenwalner, Anette Steidlinger, Domenico Tavernini, Jochen Taaks, Rainer Thide, Klaus Thomee, Michaela Vavra, Devid Venturi, Ivan Vintar, Bernd Wartenberger, Theo Walter, Jens Wanger, Thomas Weinhardt, Lena Wersing, Angie Wilmesmeyer, Sepp Winbeck, Manfred Zeiler, Bernd Zerelles.