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VDWS Social Projects: 5th anniversary

The social projects at the VDWS are entering the next round. This year they celebrate their 5th anniversary.

Within these years, more than 40 social projects were carried out by 20 project providers in cooperation with a VDWS school or as individual members.
That's a great summary. If you are interested, you can take a look at the idea, the content and the individual projects including great photos and reports at At this point, a big thank you on behalf of the VDWS to everyone who brought this idea to life!

Even in 2020, when events with groups in the field of water sports were only possible under difficult conditions, there were three project providers/schools that were not deterred by the adverse circumstances. Check out the current reports on Watermandays, Deafventures and people with special talents at To all contributors: Great that you didn't stop your activities!

This also gives us a boost for 2021 and we hope that many of you will again help to give as many people as possible access to water sports for whom this is not a matter of course.

We are always happy about new ideas and projects that come "on board": Just send your project ideas (further information can be found here) directly to .

You can always apply for VDWS packages with licenses, lycras and a few nice “gimmicks” for your events. At the end of the season, we will once again honor the outstanding projects in the form of the "VDWS Social Projects Awards". In view of the current situation, we still have to keep a low profile as to what form the award will take this year. But don't worry: We'll come up with something!