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New VDWS Internship

Are you interested in becoming a VDWS Level 2 Instructor? Here you can find the update on our internship conditions.

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New VDWS internship conditions

The internship is one of two training modules in the training sports windsurfing, kite, sailing, SUP and wing, together with the instructor course. While the course still takes place under "laboratory conditions", the internship is pure practice at the VDWS watersport school. While at the course the teaching team is the contact person, at the member school the internship supervisor becomes the instructor. So far, so good and so far crystal clear for most instructors and schools.

In view of the shortage of qualified staff and the ever increasing need for leisure time support of our water sports customers, the VDWS has put the criteria for the internship to the test and adapted them with the intention of reducing the entry hurdle.

The goal was to reduce bureaucracy and unnecessary hurdles. To this end, the internship booklet was slimmed down considerably and the focus is on a checklist that the internship instructor checks off. Only one final document is sent to the office, in which the individual points of the checklist are confirmed.

Furthermore, the recommended duration of the internship is 100 hrs within approximately 21 days. If the intern needs more or less time, is decided by the VDWS school on site.

The new system provides that the supervising school thus gets more responsibility.

In order to be able to train more interns, every current level 2 instructor who has issued at least 25 licenses and entered them in the Checkpoint system will "automatically" become an intern instructor. The instructor status can be applied for informally in the office after reaching at least 25 licenses.

To maintain this status, the instructor must issue 10 licenses per year (Checkpoint System) and fulfill his continuing education obligation every 3 years. The previous internship continuing education is therefore no longer required.

If 10 licenses are not issued in a year, the internship instructor status will be suspended the following year. This can be reversed at any time by issuing 10 licenses.


Here are the most important aspects at a glance


Internship booklet "slimmed down" - focus is checklist, which internship instructor checks off and confirmed by the office after submission
Recommendation: 100 hours within approx. 21 days
Whether the intern needs more or less time is decided by the VDWS school on site

Internship Instructor:

Any Level 2 Instructor with 25 licenses issued.
Status remains if 10 licenses issued in the year and continuing education obligation fulfilled. Otherwise the license is suspended

The internship continuing education is cancelled.