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The " watersportassistant " qualification broadens the VDWS course concept. Its objective: inform all the voluntary helping hands of a watersport school in time about the watersport instructor career and make its access easier. This qualification represents a targeted preparation for the respective instructor course " windsurfing, kiteboarding, catamaran and/or dinghy sailing and can be completed at the local VDWS school. This additional grade is not required for any further participation in VDWS- instructor-courses.


This qualification can be completed at any VDWS school entitled to host internships. It will be conducted by an instructor with a valid internship licence. The duration is 2-8 weeks and covers the following contents:

  • School organization and rental 10 hrs
  • The school's safety concept 2 hrs
  • Customer contact and tales talk, service 8 hrs
  • Basic knowledge of equipment 5 hrs
  • Maintenance and repair 5 hrs
  • Assistance during a beginner course 10 hrs

In addition, the candidate has to pass the basic licence of the respective discipline at the end of the qualification at the latest. Candidate and/or VDWS school receive a manual with a detailed course content. This manual acts as support and can be completed by the schools entitled to host internships. After the successful completion of the qualification, the participant receives the " VDWS Member Card Watersportassistant ".


Minimum age: 16 years. It is the supervising school that registers by means of the registration form. The qualification will be documented by the school on the same form and be sent back to VDWS after completion.

With the qualification starting, the watersport assistant becomes VDWS member for free for two years and is entitled to make use of all the related advantages. After these two years or after the completion of an instructor course he/she becomes full member, annual fee 51 €.

If the watersportassistant participates in an instructor course within two years from the qualification, a discount of 10% on the instructor course fee will be granted. If the internship of the instructor course is completed at the same school than the watersport assistant qualification, it can be reduced by 50% (50 hrs instead of 100 hrs). In case the internship of the instructor course is completed at another school, it can be reduced by 20% (80 hrs instead of 100 hrs)