Become a Windsurfing Instructor!

You´re passionate about Windsurfing open minded and love working with other people? You are rather outside on the beach than inside an office and flexibility is one of your great strengths? 

Well than, becoming a Windsurfing Instructor might just be the right thing for you!  Joining one of our Windsurfing Instructor courses will be your chance to turn your passion for Windsurfing into a profession! If you´re in doubt if your knowledge and riding level is sufficient, take a minute and test yourself. 

Test your Knowledge

Is your basic theoretical knowledge sufficient to join an ITC?

Test your Windsurfing

Are your riding skills sufficient to pass the exam?

  • Safe windsurfing on long board at 4-5 bft and the examination maneuvers. Candidates who are not sure can register for a practice training taking place before the proper course. No teaching background is required. However, the candidate should be familiar with the VDWS instructor file theory. 
    Prerequisites for the acquisition of the license Windsurfing, Kite, Cat and Sail are:
    Proof of being able to run a motorboat (no motorboat licence)
    First-aid certificate (9 periods)
    Swimming certificate (German DLRG-Bronze or equivalent) or VDWS rescue.

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  • Movement instructions and keywords, movement descriptions, movement tasks
  • Instructor's behaviour, mistake analysis and correction
  • Techniques of rig- and board control
  • Movement learning
  • Introduction into course planning and design
  • Example of a beginner course
  • Watersport and environmental problems
  • Meteorology, equipment, safety and health
  • Windsurfing for kids, animation
  • Job description watersport instructor
  • Internship introduction

The practical examination can take place at a wind speed of 8 up to  25 knots in any estuary (besides the zone of surf). The practical examination consists of 2 parts: skills of board control and demonstration of beginner techniques.

Skills of board control
Free choice of board. All five skills of board control are presented on a wind abeam course, the course is about 40 m long. Wavy lines - clew first - leeride - helicopter - fin first.  Video

Demonstration of beginner techniques
The examination part "demonstration of beginner techniques" contains: board orientation, pulling up the sail, t-position, 180° turn towards bow and stern, getting started and surfing position, steering (heading up and bearing away), tacking and jibing.

Demonstration lesson
During the demonstration lesson, the teaching ability in the field of beginner and advanced courses will be tested. 

Written examination
The written examination covers the theoretical, practical and methodical aspects of the training, it takes max 90 minutes 

Course completion
Once the examination passed and the internship successfully completed, the candidate can hold the title of "VDWS windsurfing instructor" and conduct examinations for the windsurfing basic licence.

VDWS Windsurf Acadamy

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