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Windsurfing Funboardtrainer

By means of a qualified education, the future funboard trainer should be able to run competent short board courses at different locations. He/she should acquire knowledge about advanced windsurfing maneuvers, discover course options for advanced courses and be able to organize and to run short board courses. This course is part of a further education workshop. Duration: 6 days.



A valid VDWS windsurfing instructor licence.

Course Completion

Candidates who have participated in the course get a certificate of participation. Candidates who do not pass the examination get a certificate of participation. Candidates who pass the examination get a certificate of successful participation and are entitled to hold the title of "VDWS funboard trainer".

Course Topics Advanced Techniques

Rig steering, clew first, sail-flip, changing sides, slow body drag, lift, getting planing, carving, leeride, helicopter/rig rotations

Longboard jibe, beach and waterstart, carve jibe, duck jibe 

Cool Moves
Racejibe, heli tack, duck tack, backwind jibe, monkey jibe

Course Contents

  • Movement instructions and keywords, movement descriptions, movement tasks
  • Instructor's behavior, mistake analysis and correction
  • Techniques of rig- and board control
  • Movement-learning
  • Ability to demonstrate advanced surfing techniques
  • Utilization of the exercise box, the skill-system
  • Functionalities, course models
  • Equipment
  • Methodology, the use of video during windsurfing courses
  • Mistake analysis and correction with the skill system
  • From basic to classic or cool moves
  • Examples of advanced courses
  • Internship supervision


Practical examination
The examination ca take place as from 8 knots, details on the examination parts can be found in the TER.

Theoretical examination
Questions on course contents, duration about 90 minutes.